PERSEVERANCE by Callie Kimball

The start of a new season roll-out with original branding – all designed inhouse.


And so it begins, the moment I was waiting for as a new Marketing Director at the Theater. I was responsible for budgeting, and designing an new season. With Anita Stewart, artistic & executive Director, Cody Bracket (Marketing Associate) as my team, we agreed on our new color palette and concept. This poster for world-premiere PERSEVERANCE by Callie Kimball (a Portland Stage & Maine Suffrage Centennial Collaborative commission) features model Penelope Dorcas to stand in where an actress can later be swapped in when they arrive. I shot her on greenscreen.

We chose a vibrant and contemporary color palette to reflect the vibrancy and relevance of the art we produce. We are keeping the images rustic and textured to reflect the history and grain of our port city and the building we perform in. Then we chose to use imagery to play within the images to hint at themes of the play. In this image, the words in the dress are a reference to the speech the main characters revolve around 100 years apart.

This play has been postponed due to COVID-19. Date to be determined.

Photo by Mical Hutson


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