Custom Pet Portraits. Oil on Canvas.

I grew up on a farm with dogs, cats, chickens, horses, cows, pigs, and in my teens, 20s, & 30s, I worked with horses, both western style on a Colorado ranch – where I managed a herd of 30 horses and took natural horsemanship training and workshops after spending my teens riding english style –  hunter/jumper, dressage. I’ve always had a best dog and best cat in my life. I call my style intuitive painting. After decades having animals as best friends, I feel like I know “them” when I see their photos. I walk you through choosing the best photos that I can connect with and will ask you questions about their personality and your relationship to them. I also ask you about your color and style preferences. Before I begin painting, I also will give you general digital mockup with a color story, showing how I imagine it might look on the canvas, before I commit oil paint to the canvas. All of my work is 100% guaranteed. I do not want anyone to feel committed to buying something they don’t love, and it’s impossible to know where I will land . . . because it truly is an intuitive process once I start painting. Call or email with your inquiries and price quotes.

Contact Mical

I'd love to hear from you! Happy to discuss your inquiries. Just so it's not awkward, portraits start at $175 for a single animal, but I've been in tough spots financially, so if you want a portrait, don't hesitate to ask. Sometimes I am looking for just the inspiration your pet photo might provides! I've even been know to offer free commissions from time to time to give back and shake things up stylistically, so make sure you're following my instagram account. Pets_by_Mical!
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